7-12 Chromebook Program

Students in Years 7-12 are part of a BYO program using Chromebooks. All related resources are available from this page.

Buying a Chromebook

Wycliffe has partnered with Learning with Technologies to provide an online store where parents can purchase Chromebooks and related accessories as part of the BYOT Program. While parents are welcome to shop elsewhere, this service offers a convenient way to purchase a device that is preconfigured and suitable for school use.

Buying elsewhere?

If a Chromebook is purchased from elsewhere, the Google Management License must still be purchased through our online store. This allows the device to be managed by teachers and I.T. staff at Wycliffe.

Once purchased, have your child bring their new Chromebook to the I.T. office to be configured. The process only takes 5 minutes.

Getting Support

If your child is having a problem with their Chromebook, they should visit the I.T. office to have it checked out first.

I.T. staff will advise if a repair is required and provide suggestions.

Loan Chromebooks are available from the Library while a device is being repaired, but only with prior permission from I.T.

Non-Chromebook Devices

All students in years 7-12 are required to bring a Chromebook to school. However, exceptions can be made for the following reasons:

  • Your child is commencing at Wycliffe and has a pre-existing BYO device from their previous school.
  • Your child is in year 11 or 12 and would like a Mac device that will see them through to university.
  • Your child is passionate about Music, Art, or other software-heavy subject and would like to access that software on their own Mac computer.

All such exceptions are made at the sole discretion of the school's I.T. department.

Please do not purchase a non-Chromebook computer for school without seeking pre-approval from the I.T. department first, to avoid disappointment!

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